Munch Net

The perfect way to serve munch

Munch Net

The munch net is a cute small hole net perfect to serve vitamunchand munch snacks to your horse or pony.

  • Specially designed to hold a munch block
  • Hang in the stable or lorry or trailer when you are out and about
  • Boredom Breaker
  • Prolongs the eating of vitamunch or munch snacks
  • EU Registered Design

Horses are born snackers – it’s how their digestive system works best. Unfortunately they don’t always get the opportunity to snack as much as they would like or need to.

Our munch net is designed with the whole munch range in mind. Big enough to fit any 1kg Vitamunch Marvellous Meadow, Vitamunch Heavenly Hedgerow, Calmmunch, Fleximunch or Hoofmunch. The munch net helps prolong eating time keeping your horse happier for longer.

Available in an array of colours there’s a munch net to suit every horse and pony!

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