Silverfeet Hoof Balm

Silverfeet hoof balm and hoof oil is a silver-based antibacterial barrier protection.  This magic hoof balm & liquid uses only medical grade silver (not colloidal silver).

Silverfeet contains natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals (using vegetable oil and not mineral oil as a base)

Silverfeet kills harmful bacteria and reduces hoof odour. The silver ions help to maintain a healthy hoof

Silverfeet is a safe & affordable solution for daily use. Apply to a clean wall, sole & frog.

The balm shines, conditions & protects. Use also as a healing ointment to clear bacteria from scratches and small cuts.

Silverfeet helps to encourage children to care for their ponies hooves.

The colours do not alter but enhance the natural hoof colour.

Free from all prohibited substances listed in current FEI publications & complies with the Rules of Racing